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Our Beliefs

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We believe there is a God, not just any god liken to gods of ancient Rome, Egypt, and Babylon, but the God, Creator of space, time, heavens, and this beautiful earth we live on. We believe that we are more than just particles or a big bang reaction. We are a beautiful being created for a purpose that is beyond us. We are life from God. Genesis 2:4-3:24


We believe in His Incarnate Son - Jesus Christ who came to earth to save every human being from sin. Sin entered the earth because of the choice made by Adam & Eve in fulfilling their temptations from the Devil. The Devil was cast down from Heaven. His pride and arrogance desiring to be godlike through him to earth until the final judgement. God's desire for a pure and wonderful relationship with His creation changed after sin entered the world.

Jesus started His ministering to people around the age of 30 years old. For three years he spent time disclosing His purpose, love, healing powers, authority, and purpose to Jews and Gentiles alike. He did this every day until His horrifying death by the Romans & Jews in 33 A.D. These are historical facts. Colossians 1:15-20

We believe in Christ's Resurrection from the dead

There has never been nor will there ever be a self-resurrection or resurrection by mankind. The only historical figure ever to live, die, and be raised from the dead is Jesus Christ. No one stole Him from the tomb, burned His body, or faked His death. Evidence proves from not just the Word of God but from early historians who drew the connections and wrote the accounts of Jesus Christ living, dying through crucifixion, and rising from death. 1 Peter 1:3-9

History of God's Reasoning:

Thousands of years of mankind's bloodshed, hate, anger, lust, disobedience, idol worship, chaos, and godlessness; God had a plan to change everything. What did not work with the flood, laws, and prophets, God had a new plan. This would involve sending a part of Him in the form of a man; first a baby born from a virgin (Mary). Then this boy would become a man who would come to change the world back to God through love, service, obedience, and a lasting relationship once again.

Romans 8: 1-11

Jesus Christ ascended after His resurrection from his death back to God in Heaven where He sits at the right hand of God. His desire is that all mankind receive Him as Savior. Seeking and looking to Him over any other living being, authority, doctrine, philosophy, and promise. Colossians 3: 1-11

We believe in salvation through Immersion - Receiving of His Spirit

Many people try every day to find a way to God. There is only one way to God in having a relationship with Him. 1 Timothy 2:5-6 Jesus made this clear to His disciples to teach others about Him and how to accomplish God's plan. Mark 16:14-16

To fully receive this salvation, hope of eternal life, and His Spirit one must come to realize their state is in need of God. There is no other philosophy, doctrine, or teaching but that of God & His Son.

John 14: 1-7. He is the only way. John 14: 5-6 (Full account John 14:1-11). Peter: a powerful and key to Jesus Church taught from Christ how one receives salvation: Acts 2:32-40


We believe in the Holy Word of God (The Bible). This is not an ordinary book but one of Historical Accounts, Living Proofs, Testimonies, Verifiable Locations, and Undeniable Truths.

This Book of Life represents God's design, purpose, ways, truths, and determinations for mankind to have an everlasting relationship with Him. It is ultimately our choice. That is the beauty of how God made us, giving us Free Will. We can choose our destiny with or without God. The question is why would anyone not want to have a relationship with their Creator? 


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