Real People Real Love

During these Challenging Times

Be Content, Don't Lose Faith, Stay Strong

About US

Our motto is Real People Real Love. We strive to live this and be this to the community around us. We are a non-denominational church that believes that Jesus Christ is the head of the body (His Church). We desire to follow His teachings.

Our Purpose - 

"To love, as Christ loved us; to live and work as servants that He may be glorified; to grow and mature as believers; and to minister to all people, as Christ ministered to us, so that they might know Him."

Communion - 

If Christ is your Lord, we invite you to commune with Him
as we remember His death and resurrection.

Invitation -

 If you would like to publicly respond to the Gospel of Christ and
express your desire to give Him your life in the waters of baptism,
you are invited to come forward at our invitation time.
You are also invited to come forward for prayer or to share
special needs or blessings.





How Can WE

Serve You

We are actively involved in the lives of people that we live, work, and play with in our greater Spokane Community. There are needs all around us including those of a spiritual nature.

Many people feel stressed, empty, alone, and burnt out as each year progresses.

We want to be a place for you to empty these challenges and find Christ the fulfiller of all things.

There are Real Needs with Real People behind them. We are about being real and being love to those around us sharing Christ.